Lu Junsi

Founder and Chairman of Gree Real Estate Co., Ltd.


Born in 1966, member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from Jilin University with a master's degree and a doctoral candidate. At present, he is the party secretary of Zhuhai Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and the chairman of Gree Real Estate Co., Ltd., and is fully responsible for the strategic planning and operation management of Gree Real Estate. At the same time, he served as a council member of the China Society of Civil Engineers, a member of the Standing Committee of the 8th Committee of the CPPCC Zhuhai City and a deputy director of the Economic Committee, a member of the Zhuhai Urban and Rural Planning Committee, and an adjunct professor at Renmin University of China.

In 2004, Lu Junsi became the head of the Gree Group real estate task force. Facing the business that was at the brink of shutting down, he led the existing seven employees at that time, starting from scratch in a simple 9 square meter office and reorganized Zhuhai Gree Real Estate Co., Ltd. in 2005, leading Gree Real Estate from a small company that started from almost nothing, to the large enterprise it is today.

In September 2009, Gree Real Estate was successfully listed (600185). At the same time, it was commissioned by Zhuhai Municipal Government to be responsible for the construction of the artificial island project of  Zhuhai-Macau Frontier Port Artificial Island Of Hzm Bridge,opening up a whole new development space for the enterprise. While adhering to the exquisite workmanship quality development real estate project, Lu Junsi fully tapped the Zhuhai locale advantages and launched internal restructuring and industrial upgrading in 2013 and achieve development in the “real estate industry, port economic industry, marine economic industry, modern service industry, modern finance industry” simultaneously. The development of these five major industries has completed the company’s transformation from real estate contractors to integrated city operator.

In 2018, Lu Junsi upgraded the corporate development strategy to be “Based in Zhuhai, Regional layout ”.

Responsibility and Sentiments

Create a Better Place

In the process of developing the company, Lu Junsi proposed the corporate philosophy of “Build the Urban and Healthy Life”, adhering to the corporate mission of “society repayment, good circulation, and promote fairness”, and while following the corporate vision of “create a better place”, bringing Gree Real Estate to an industrial development model that comprehensively build industrial financing and efficient linkage through aspects such as “strategic upgrading”, “international cooperation”, “project innovation”, “ecological environmental protection” and “talent management”.


Product Ideology

Adhering to the Strategy of Exquisite Products
Inheriting Quality Products


Adhering to the spirit of “Fine workmanship quality”, Lu Junsi demands strict quality control during the construction process, comprehensive implementation of “template approach”, and work on the projects down to the finest details; promote international cooperation and cooperated with excellent design teams such as Rogers Stirk Harbour+Partners and Foster+partnets to provide quality products and services to consumers.


Public Welfare Ideology

With Heart on Special Education
Building a Public Welfare Platform


Since becoming affiliated with Zhuhai Special Education School in 2010, Lu Junsi has insisted on personally supporting Zhuhai special education every year, and has vigorously supported the growth and development of special education teachers and students. At the same time, he promoted the establishment of a charity platform, establishing of the Haikong Public Welfare Foundation, to gather more strengths from the society, pay special attention to special educations, and help special education children to grow physically and mentally.


Environmental Protection Ideology

Practice Corporate Responsibility
Protect the Environment


From a “45.8% city center green coverage” to a “rainwater collection, filtration and recycling system”, from “retreating 35 meters from the red line, sacrificing 50% of the commercial area" to "demolishing unqualified walls”, from "personally visiting the island many times to change the design in order to avoid harming trees” to "turning waste into treasure by repairing the Xianglu Bay Beach", Lu Junsi integrated the  environmental protection ideology of “ecology first” into the development of the enterprise.














鲁君驷将企业发展战略升级为“立足珠海 区域布局”。


在企业发展过程中,鲁君驷提出“建筑城市 健康生活”的企业理念,坚持“回报社会 善的循环 促进公平”的企业使命,秉承“建造更好的城市”的企业愿景,带领格力地产从“战略升级”“国际合作”“项目创新”“生态环保”“人才管理”等方面着手,全面构建产业融通、高效联动的产业发展模式。




秉承“精工质本”的精神,鲁君驷要求在建设过程中严把质量关,全面实施“样板引路”,精细化打磨工程;推进国际合作,携手Rogers Stirk Harbour+Partners(罗杰斯建筑事务所)、 Foster+partnets(福斯特建筑事务所)等优秀设计团队,为消费者提供优质的产品和服务。